Raleigh Doulas

Picture of Shelly

Shelly Gott, CPD, CLC, CHT, OWNER

Shelly’s knowledge and expertise comes from many years of hands-on experience with hundreds of babies. Her career working with children and families started in 1995 with an in-home daycare and assisting in births. Shelly has been a Certified Postpartum Doula since 2004 and has been working as a Sleep Consultant since 2007. She is also a Certified Lactation Counselor.

Originally from Connecticut, Shelly relocated to North Carolina in 2007 with her four sons.

“My passion is helping new parents make a smooth transition into parenthood and reducing the levels of stress and anxiety by providing physical and emotional support while allowing new moms more time to rest and recover.”

Picture of Bernadett Doula

Bernadett L.

Bernadett is a postpartum doula. Before becoming a doula, she worked as a nanny for over 8 years. Worked with many families with newborns and older babies as well. As a mother of two herself, she feels a strong sense of responsibility in supporting other moms during the postpartum period. In addition to her love for babies, Bernadett also enjoys spending time outdoors with her two canine companions, a German Shepherd and a Siberian Husky.

Picture of Bindi Doula

Bindi K.

Bindi has a passion to listen and support families during impactful transitions in life. Bindi spends most of her time (when not supporting families) with her children, beloved and kitties, cooking wholesome meals, reading, hiking and traveling.

Bindi is a Bilingual (Spanish) Birth and Postpartum Doula. Her training and experience includes Lactation Consultant, Placenta Encapsulation, Newborn and Infant Feeding Education and Yoga.

Picture of Charlotte Doula

Charlotte R.

Charlotte is originally from England and has been working as a postpartum doula for 7 years. Charlotte loves caring for children, especially infants. Charlotte has 4 cats that she spends time playing with. Charlotte also enjoys cooking, baking, listening to music, traveling and spending time with her family.

Picture of Csilla Doula

Csilla K.

Csilla is a postpartum doula, newborn care specialist, currently training to be certified as a holistic and orgasmic birth doula. Before focusing solely on newborn about 10 years ago she’s been a career nanny/house manager for 15 years in the Tri State Area. She has training in lactation, infant craniosacral therapy, belly binding, Rebozo and sleep conditioning.

Csilla relocated from New Jersey to North Carolina 3 years ago and lives on a farm with their dog, goats, and chickens. She enjoys gardening, playing with the animals, and sleeping when not snuggling babies.

Picture of Babies and Beyond Logo

Danielle B.

Danielle is a mom of 5 and has 2 grandchildren! Danielle has been working with families as a postpartum doula for 5 years. In her free time she enjoys catching up on sleep and spending time with her family!

Picture of Heather Doula

Heather D.

Heather has been a trained CAPPA postpartum doula since 2018. Before that, she acquired almost 30 years of childcare experience teaching children of all ages ranging from newborn and pre-school and up to high school as an assistant and substitute teacher. She has worked as a full time nanny to twins, as well as a nanny to multiple families in a nanny share capacity. As a mother of adult children, she enjoys nurturing parents the most through the wisdom she has obtained over the years, whether it be counseling them through postpartum depression, planned and unplanned c-sections, or assisting with breast and bottle feeding options.

She loves to walk alongside parents to educate, encourage and assist them with their tender moments after their little ones come home. She’s good at communicating in ways that fit both parental and baby needs and partnering with them for the best possible postpartum experience. In her free time she enjoys doing ministry with her son and spending time at the beach.

Picture of Doula Jenn

Jenn W.

Jenn is a mom to two grown daughters and has one granddaughter. She’s worked as a postpartum doula for 9 years. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family and friends and trips to the beach.

Picture of Doula Kalyn

Kalyn K.

Kalyn is a mother to 4 children ages 2, 7, 10, and 13. Kalyn is just getting started with her career as a postpartum doula but is excited about being part of the doula community! She’s been working with families since the summer of 2023. Kalyn enjoys movie nights with her family and trips to the beach.

Picture of Doula

Lizz M.

Lizz is a certified postpartum and infant care doula and has been caring for families for decades! She is a mom to three middle schoolers and will gladly take all the baby snuggles thrown her way. She is originally from Jersey but has been in the Triangle area since 2012. In her free time she can be found teaching dance fitness classes!

Picture of Marty Doula

Marty D.

Marty is a certified postpartum doula and has been caring for babies as long as she can remember. She was also a career nanny prior to becoming a doula. She is mother to two high energy boys! They love to be outside swimming and exploring When she has spare time she is passionate about traveling, live music and trying new cuisines.

Picture of Melanie Doula

Melanie H.

Melanie has been a nanny for over a decade- and is a newborn care specialist as well. Her work as a postpartum doula includes lots of snuggles, taking care of you postpartum and making sure your little one gets rest! She is well versed in sleep conditioning and breastfeeding.

Picture of Doula Netta

Netta D.

Netta is a mother of five that homeschools, a stepmother to four, and a Mema to one, meet Shanetta, who is new to Babies and Beyond. She enjoys family time, travel, and nature photography, along with writing, cooking, meditation, and exercise. She is excited to help expectant mothers have a happy and fulfilling journey into parenting.

Picture of Doula Sarah

Sarah C.

Sarah Corey is a momma of two pretty incredible kids. They are eight and nine years old now. Time flies! She is originally from northwest Pennsylvania but grew up in the triangle area. She has an amazing family and support system. When she is not doula-ing, she and her kids enjoy activities at church, adventures on local trails, playing at the park, playing baseball, and riding horses. 

 She has extensive infant care experience and is always adding to her resume. She did her postpartum doula training through ProDoula. She is passionate about her work as a doula and is always eager to learn and become better.

Picture of Tonya Doula

Tonya S.

Tonya is a mom to four children and has a beautiful granddaughter she loves spending time with! Tonya has been a postpartum doula for 7 years and is also a LCSW. Tonya enjoys walking her dogs, being outside in her pool and trips to the beach with her family and friends.